Your employees’ questions answered

By working closely with employers we understand that your employees might have important questions about financial planning and their retirement. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions and answered these with our Pension Basics in 30 seconds films.


What happens to my pension if I move abroad?

If your employees choose to move abroad, use this short film to let them know the options available to them.


What are my pension options?

If your employees are nearing retirement, find out what options are available to them for receiving their pension.


Am I making the most of my company pension?

Could your employees be making more of their company Pension, watch this short film to find out what options could be available to them.


What is re-enrolment?

Use this short film to answer any questions your employees may have on re-enrolment and what this means.


How much money should I be saving for retirement each month?

Find out what the Scottish Widows recommended amount of monthly contributions are.


How do I transfer my pension?

Watch this film for further information on how your employees could consolidate their pension pots into one.


How do I trace a lost pension?

Find out about the resources available should your employees need to trace a lost pension from a previous employer.


What is tax relief?

Use this short film to answer any queries your employees may have on tax relief and what this means for them.

For employer use only.