Supporting you during times of uncertainty

We’re committed to supporting you and your employees throughout times of uncertainty, from the rise in the cost of living to stock market volatility and often as a result of global events. Here you’ll find information and insight to support you and your employees.

The rising cost of living

Our 2023 retirement report


Our 2023 Retirement Report provides the latest insight into how people’s ability to save for retirement has changed, including how the current cost of living may affect their retirement plans.


Help your employees find out how the current cost of living could impact how they save for their retirement. In this short film, our Head of Policy, Pete Glancy, discusses some of the key insights. You can share this with your employees..


We hosted an employer webinar discussing one of the biggest challenges currently facing the UK – the cost of living. Our expert team discussed how people are coping, and the support available to you as an employer to help your employees deal with the pension challenges.

Understanding the market

We’ve developed a range of content that you can share with your employees during times of stock market volatility.

Stock Market Fluctuations

Stock Market Fluctuations

Global events can cause stock market volatility. Find out why investments rise and fall and why you should take a long term view when it comes to your investments.



Share our Q&A with your employees to help answer their questions on the current climate and stock market volatility, and what this means for them.


Helping your employees understand investments and what can impact them. Our webpage is here to help with useful information and views from our experts.

Exploring investments

Learn more about how to diversify and protect your investment

Take a few minutes to learn how investing across different asset types can be a good way to reduce the overall level of investment risk to your money.

Raise awareness of investment fraud

Raise awareness of investment fraud

Times of uncertainty can lead people to look for new investments. Share our guidance to ensure your employees are aware of the signs of investment fraud.

Support for your employees

Some of your employees may be concerned about the impact of the rising cost of living and global events on their long term savings, so we want to share information and guidance which could be of help to them.

Uncertainty support for your employees

We’ve created a dedicated page that you can share with your employees with the latest information and support during times of uncertainty.

Uncertainty Hub
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In these uncertain times, it's important to help your employees look after themselves financially. Our Be Money Well website brings together information, guidance, and tools from across the industry to help your employees with their wider financial wellbeing and their good mental health.

Be Money Well
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Expert sessions

Share our experts' answers to your employees' most commonly asked questions about pensions and investments. Our films also discuss key questions your employees may have about the rise in the cost of living such as accessing their pension early or reducing payments.

Expert sessions
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Pension wellbeing guide

Our Pension Wellbeing Guide can help your employees get on top of their future planning during these uncertain times. Share with them now to help keep them on track and for guidance on what to do next.

Protect your employees from pension scams

Fraudsters may take advantage of uncertainty in the market to trick people into a scam. Share our '6 signs of a pension scam' so your employees know what to look out for.

Pension scams

Redundancy Support

Our dedicated Redundancy page supports employees facing redundancy as a result of global events, or otherwise, by providing information on how leaving a job could affect their retirement savings. There's also further support for their wider financial and mental wellbeing to help them get back on track.

Redundancy on Be Money Well