Helping women prepare for retirement

Jackie Leiper

‘We’ve been leading the conversation with women in recent years creating content especially for women who are managing the very circumstances that are causing the pension gap”

Jackie Leiper, Distribution Director

The Insuring Women’s Future initiative sponsored by the CII focuses on the perils and pitfalls women face when saving for the future. Over the past year the programme has investigated the causes of the gender pension gap and has considered the historical and cultural reasons why women can be less financially resilient than their male counterparts. Jackie Leiper, chairs the Womens Empowerment work stream as part of the IWF taskforce and has been working alongside other key industry figures to make a number of recommendations to help tackle the problem.


In this short video, Jackie Leiper outlines the 6 moments that matter in a women’s life, and how by considering their decisions at each stage this can make a real difference to their future financial resilience. Make sure to check out the Your Future Hub.