Expert sessions

Through our experts at home series, our experts answer your employees’ most commonly asked questions about pensions and investments. You can share these films with your employees to help them take on their financial future.


Can I access my pension early to help pay my bills?

You can’t normally access your pension until you’re 55, there are some exceptions but anything earlier could be a scam. Our Retirement Expert Andre explains more in our film.


Can I reduce my pension payments?

If you’re considering reducing your pension payments it’s important to consider how it will impact you when you come to retire. Watch our Retirement Expert Robert explain more.


I’m off work or on reduced pay. How will this affect my pension?

Paying into your pension may not be at the front of your mind, but it’s important to know how it could impact your retirement. Our Retirement Expert Robert explains what it could mean for you.


I’m on the job retention scheme/furloughed worker how does this affect my pension?

If you’re a furloughed worker, you may be wondering how your pension is affected. Our Retirement Expert Robert explains what it could mean for you.


How has Covid-19 affected my pension/investments?

If you have been checking your pension or investments you may have noticed a change in their value. Our Investments Expert Maria explains how Covid-19 may have impacted them.


I am worried about my investment value falling, what should I do?

It can be tempting to sell your investments, but that could lock in your loss. Our Investment Expert Scott explains the options available to you.


Should I move my pension/investments into a lower risk fund?

It’s natural to be uncertain about what to do with your investment, especially if its value is falling. Our Investment Exert Scott explains what you should consider.


How can I spot a pension scam?

Unfortunately scammers use situations like the coronavirus pandemic to take advantage of people. Watch our Retirement Expert Andre explain the warning signs.

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