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Investment Options

Making investment choice simple

You have the choice and flexibility to choose how to invest your AVC fund. You can choose one of Scottish Widows' Pension Investment Approaches or our Premier Pension Investment Approaches which look at how long you have to retirement and your attitudes to risk and reward. Please see the 'Pension Investment Approaches Guide' and the 'Premier Lifestyling Options Guide' for more details.

Fund information

If you don't want to use one of our Pension Investment Approaches, you can choose from a range of Scottish Widows investment funds.

It is important you keep track of the investment funds you are investing in. Over time, your attitude to investment risk may change and you may want to change the funds you are invested in.

If you’re not confident about making the right moves at the right time, you may want a financial adviser to help you.

We may change the selection of funds we make available and we may restrict the amount you can invest in certain funds. Please contact us for details of any restrictions that apply. You may find it beneficial prior to making any final decision to contact your financial adviser. You may be charged for financial advice.

The link below allows you to easily keep track of the funds you are investing your pension payments in.

Access the latest fund prices and fact sheetsLink opens in a new window

The value of the investment is not guaranteed and may go up and down depending on investment performance (and currency exchange rates where a fund invests overseas). The value can fall below the amount of contributions paid in.