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Insight on multi-asset investing

Multi-Asset funds are growing in popularity. Retirement Account offers a range of portfolio funds for varying client needs. Here you’ll find the latest insight, case studies and expert guidance on multi-asset investing.

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What is fuelling the rise of multi-asset funds?

Explore our insight into the growing trend towards multi-asset investing, and what this could mean.

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Scottish Widows’ family of multi-asset portfolio funds

Read Iain McGowan's in-depth look at our Premier, Retirement, and Pension Portfolio Funds and the benefits they can offer.

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What is driving increasing adoption of smart beta strategies

Smart beta strategies offer the potential to generate returns and reduce risk. Explore what is driving their increasing adoption and what the future may hold.

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The future of multi-asset strategies

Multi-asset investing is increasing – but how is the future shaping up? Our expert Iain McGowan looks ahead to trends and changes in the multi-asset market.

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