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Drip-feed Drawdown - Tax efficient retirement income planning

To help you achieve a tax-efficient and sustainable retirement income for your clients, we have introduced Drip-feed Drawdown to our Retirement Account. It can give your clients greater control over the level of taxable income they receive in retirement, and can also save you both time and money through automation and cost-efficient online support.

Drip-feed drawdown: A tax efficient pension income solution

Roy Vickery explains how Drip-feed Drawdown can support you in providing your clients with a flexible and tax-efficient income.

3 ½ minutes

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Case study - drip-feed drawdown

Find out how you can use Drip-feed Drawdown to support clients with different objectives and circumstances.

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Drawdown review

To support you when you take on more drawdown clients, we have a checklist you can use as a basis for your standard drawdown reviews.

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Infographic - drip-feed drawdown

Discover three different ways of how you can use Drip-feed Drawdown to take £1,000 of income for your clients, by giving them control over the level of taxable income they receive in retirement.

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Expert support

Helping you achieve the right outcomes for your clients with:

Adviser Guide:
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Client Guide:
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Our CRP outlines the key elements of what a structured advice process could look like for specific needs of clients in retirement.

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