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Retirement Planning - delivering strong multi-asset choice

Income drawdown is becoming more popular with clients, but it does have inherent risks for them. Here you’ll find all the latest insight and guidance, on how Retirement Account could help you manage those risks with confidence, helping to create a sustainable income in retirement for your clients.

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Drawdown risks: Help create a lasting retirement income for your clients

Over the coming weeks we'll explore the key risks inherent in post-retirement. View our infographic that sets out these key risks and why they are an important consideration when planning an income for retiring clients.

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Pensions and IHT planning

Read about how pension drawdown has become one of the simplest and most effective inheritance tax (IHT) planning vehicles.

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Retirement risks: Intergenerational

Retirement Account could help your clients pass their remaining pension onto beneficiaries in a tax efficient way.

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What happens to your client’s pension when they die?

Use this guide to help explain to your clients what happens to their pension when they die.

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Drawdown review checklist

To support you, we have a checklist that you can use as a basis for your drawdown client reviews.

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Retirement risks: Investment

Multi-asset fund solutions can help manage the impact of the investment risks associated with income drawdown.

With our innovative Dynamic Volatility Management approach, our Retirement Portfolio Funds have been designed to manage significant volatility and help pension pots last longer.

Take a look at how our full range of Portfolio Funds can help you meet your clients' varying income drawdown needs.

Premier Pension Portfolio Funds | Retirement Portfolio Funds | Pension Portfolio Funds

Investing in times of volatility

Iain McGowan looks at the current outlook for market volatility and how multi-asset funds can help manage investment risks in income drawdown.

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The three pot strategy

See how adopting a three pot strategy could help you manage investment risks for your retirement income clients.

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Dynamic volatility management explained

Our article explains how Dynamic Volatility Management (DVM) can help to manage significant volatility for clients' in drawdown.

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Drawdown risks: Help create a lasting retirement income for your clients

Take a look at our insight and guidance on how Drip-feed Drawdown can provide a tax-efficient income, helping to make your clients' pension pots last longer.

Tax planning with income drawdown
Deliver tax-efficient drawdown with Retirement Account
CPD Masterclass: tax-efficient pension withdrawals

Centralised retirement proposition

Our guide outlines the key elements of what a structured advice process could look like for clients in drawdown.

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More insight

To help you with the challenges you may face in a changing pensions landscape, our specialists have written a series of articles to provide you with insight and guidance.

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Discover 5 reasons to choose Retirement Account (pdf)

See how Retirement Account can benefit your clients and your business.

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Adviser guidelines

Everything you need to know about our automated Drip-feed Drawdown and Retirement Portfolio Funds. You can also find out more about our flexible plan for life with our adviser technical guide.

Adviser Guide: Retirement Portfolio Funds (pdf)
Adviser Guide: Drip-feed drawdown (pdf)
Adviser Guide: Retirement Account (pdf)

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