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Retirement Account - a flexible plan for life

Pension freedoms and increased life expectancy can bring new financial challenges for your clients, making their retirement planning and income needs more complex. Here, you'll find the latest insight and expert guidance, and see how Retirement Account has the flexibility to help you and your clients make the most of this opportunity.

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Expert insight, articles and useful tools and calculators

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Future of finance

Podcast series: The future of finance

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics at London Business School, talks to us about ‘The 100-Year Life’ and what this means for income needs in retirement. Each episode tackles a different topic and looks at how you can help your clients create lasting financial plans for the future.

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Discover 5 reasons to choose Retirement Account (pdf)

See how Retirement Account can benefit your clients and your business.

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Retirement planning in the age of longevity

Read Robert Cochran and Andrew Scott’s editorial piece on the impact of longevity on retirement planning.

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Regulatory changes on investment charges

Insight on what the changing regulatory requirements on investment management charges mean for you and your clients.

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More market insight

Further insight and guidance on the changing pensions landscape from our team of specialists.

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What is the retirement wave?

See how retirement income needs are changing in our short infographic film.

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The retirement wave in detail

Read the key considerations for you and your clients around changing retirement needs.

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Explaining the retirement wave to clients

Download our handy one-pager to help your clients understand the changing shape of retirement.

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Explaining the retirement wave to clients

Our latest research on the key trends and issues affecting women saving for retirement and how you can help your female clients plan a better financial future.

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The importance of knowing your customers

How segmenting your clients can help you provide even better service and boost your business.

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Take a closer look at client segments

Read our in-depth key client profiles for insight on meeting different clients' specific needs.

Financially secure forties (pdf) Preparing for retirement (pdf) Near or in retirement (pdf)


Case study - drip-feed drawdown

See how Drip-feed Drawdown could maximise your clients’ tax-free cash and how our cash reserve strategies can help manage significant volatility.

Adviser technical guide

Everything you need to know about Retirement Account, our flexible plan for life.

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Explore retirement

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