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Taking on your clients’ future together

Taking on your clients’ future together

Our new TV campaign shows you the different ways we can help take on whatever the future brings for your business and your clients.

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Planning for sustainability

Retirement has changed – it doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work, and can bring the opportunity to do new things. Now that clients have greater freedom and flexibility with their retirement savings, they need a pension product that lets them make the most of this.

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Welcome to FundsTalk

FundsTalk is our platform to share thoughts and insights that we hope you’ll find useful and relevant. We focus on three core areas at Scottish Widows that support our aim of providing a high quality and strong performing choice of investments.

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We know it can sometimes be difficult for clients to understand the true value of protection and the difference it could make to them and their loved ones when they need it most. It's why we do what we do to make your protection conversations as easy as possible for you in five key ways.

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Times are changing but so are the opportunities for mortgage advice

The changing shape of the workforce, rising inflation and low interest rates, means that now’s the time to explore offsetting with a growing number of your clients.

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Uniquity Marketing Tips

Should you invest in marketing? Not until you’ve answered these 7 questions.

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