1 Year Fixed Term Deposit Account

An interest rate fixed for a year

In detail

Here are answers to some of the questions you may have about this account:

How does this account work?

This account is available in issues, each with a certain start date and maturity date – 12 months later.  The fixed rate of interest your money will earn during the one year term will be determined prior to each issue and available for you to check before you choose to open an account.

You can open an account at any time from when we announce the next issue until the actual start date for that one year term. However, we reserve the right to close the issue early if demand is higher than expected.

The fixed rate of interest, determined prior to the specified issue being promoted, will apply from the when the account is opened until maturity. The interest earned during the initial offer period will be added to your original investment at the end of the offer period. The interest earned after the end of the offer period will be applied to the account on the maturity date.

How do I make deposits?

  • For paper applications - your deposit can be made by cheque or by internal transfer from an existing Scottish Widows Bank account. Cheques must be drawn on an account held in your name.  Building Society cheques must be stamped and signed by the issuing branch to confirm that they are from an account held in your name.
  • Third party cheques are not permitted.
  • Please note that if the initial payment is made by CHAPS we require identification in the form of an original bank statement, cancelled cheque or pre-printed pay-in slip from a UK bank or building society current account on which you are named. (This will be returned without delay).
  • Additional deposits can be made until the start date of your Fixed Term Deposit Account by calling us on 0345 845 0829.

These are the only ways we can accept deposits. Transfers of money into your account via the bank money transmission system — such as bank giro credit, standing order or dividend mandate — are not possible. This is because there can be delays and identification difficulties with these methods that we have no control over.

Can I make withdrawals?

  • No partial withdrawals allowed.
  • If you need to withdraw your money before the end of the term, you can close your fixed rate deposit account, however the whole balance will be returned without interest.
  • On death of customers before the end of the term, the initial deposit plus the full amount of accrued interest will be returned.

What happens at the end of the term?

At least 30 days before the end of the one year term, we will send you a letter advising of your options. These are:

  • Roll over your current Term Deposit to the one existing at the time of maturity
  • Transfer money to another savings account with Scottish Widows Bank
  • Transfer money to your nominated external account.

If we don’t receive any instruction from you, your funds will automatically be rolled over to a Scottish Widows Bank Variable Rate Account with interest payable at the Bank of England Base Rate.

How is interest paid?

  • Interest earned during the fixed term will be paid to the account on the maturity date.
  • The fixed rate of interest, determined prior to the specified issue being promoted, will apply from when the account is opened until maturity. Any interest earned during the offer period will be paid to your nominated account at the end of the offer period.
  • Interest will be paid gross and you will be responsible for paying any tax due to HMRC.

Will I receive statements?

We’ll send you a statement and a certificate of interest when your account matures.

Can the account be opened in joint names?

Yes, the 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit can be opened as a joint account.

A joint account means

  1. Both of you are separately responsible for keeping to its terms. If either of you does not keep to them, we can take action against either or both of you singly or together.
  2. We may give any information about the account to either of you (even if you choose that both of you must sign instructions to us).
  3. If you choose to allow either of you to authorise transactions on the account, either of you will be able to withdraw any money in the account (which may be without the other’s knowledge). We will not be obliged to make any enquiries about the purpose of any transactions.
  4. The account cannot later be put into just one of your names, unless you both agree.
  5. If there is a dispute between you about your account, we may require you both to authorise transactions until you both agree how the account is to be run.
  6. If either of you dies, we will pay any balance on your account to the other.
  7. If a joint account is opened we require to verify the identity of all account holders.
  8. For joint applications made online, the second applicant must login to Internet Banking (we’ll send them login details) to read and accept the Terms and Conditions for the account.

Instructions from either or both of you

The option of both of you to authorise all transactions on your account is not available.

Are there any specific terms and conditions unique to this account?

Please read the terms and conditions for the 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit Account. .