Taking on your pension questions

Asking the right questions today can help make planning for your financial future easier. Whatever your pension question we’re here to help with expert answers, tools and guidance.

Answering your pension questions


Am I saving enough in my pension?

We recommend saving around 12% of your income for a comfortable retirement - and more if you have big plans for when you stop working.


Can I invest my pension sustainably?

More pension plans than ever before are offering this as an investment option. Find out more about investing sustainably and our own commitment to net zero carbon emissions across our investments by 2050.


What age can I retire?

Times have changed and retirement is no longer a date in the diary when you stop working, answer four simple questions using our Your Future Self tool and see when you could retire.


What happens to my pension if I start a new job?

Speak with your new employer to get more details but generally if you’re over 22 and earn more than £10k a year they’ll automatically enrol you into their workplace pension scheme.


When’s the right time to start paying into a pension?

The sooner you start the better, but it’s never too late especially if you’ve the option to join a workplace pension.


What are the signs of a pension scam?

Unfortunately pension scams are increasing, and if you’re caught out you could lose your lifetime savings, so it’s important to know what to look out for.


How would my family cope financially if I die, or get ill and can’t work?

We don’t like to think about being seriously ill, but it’s reassuring to know there are steps you can take to protect your family’s financial security if something did happen.


How can I check my pensions?

If you’ve had more than one job you’ll probably have more than one pension. Speak to your pension provider, they can tell you the value of your pension at any time. You could also consider combining your pensions into one pot, making it easier to keep track of.


How can I find a lost pension?

People have on average 11 jobs in their working life so it’s common to lose track of your pension savings. Don’t worry though there’s lots out there to help:

The support you need

The perfect time to get your plans in place for your financial future is today. Our experts share their guidance to help you, no matter where you are on your retirement journey and we have lots of tools and guides to help you get the future you want.

New to saving?

If you’re new to saving or haven’t started saving yet our Pension Expert, Monica, is here to help. We look at the pension basics and how saving now can make a big difference to your pension pot by the time you reach retirement.

Already Saving?

If you’re already saving that’s a great start. Our Pension Expert, Martyn, helps you take your next steps by talking through the key things to consider to help you check what kind of retirement you’re on track for.

Approaching Retirement?

Whether you decide to stop working altogether, keep working full time or reduce your hours our Pension Expert, Robert, helps you learn more about the options available to you and when you’re able to access your pension savings.


Meet your future self

Knowing how much you’ll have in retirement is a good place to start. Answer four short questions to see what age you could retire and what you might look like when you get there.

Meet your future self

Pension Wellbeing Guide

Our Pension Wellbeing guide can help you plan for the future you want. With lots of pension basics and practical support to help you get there.

Get started (PDF, 2MB)

Pension Awareness Day 2021


For Pension Awareness Day 2021 we lit up the UK with pension questions. From The Shard in London to the SEC Campus in Glasgow we shone a light on the big questions that can help you engage with your pension.


Hear from the Pensions Minister

Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman shares his views on Pension Awareness Day and provides his top tips to get you retirement ready.


Pension Awareness Live

Let’s talk about pensions. Pension Awareness Live is an industry event with live webinars, Q&A sessions and 121 talks with friendly experts throughout September. If you missed out you can watch back the webinars now.

We’re proud to be a key sponsor and help you take your next steps to retirement.

Pension Awareness Live

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