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The Scottish Widow

An icon of our time

The Scottish Widow today

Amber Martinez

In 2014 Amber Martinez was selected to represent the living icon of Scottish Widows. Amber, 26, is from Hertfordshire and is the 4th Scottish Widow.

Amber says “I grew up admiring the Scottish Widow and am honoured to have the opportunity to carry on such an iconic role.”

Amber is the perfect contemporary choice to bring even greater warmth to the Scottish Widows brand.

Hayley Hunt

Hayley Hunt became the third Scottish Widow in 2005.

When she was 16, Hayley was spotted by the Boss modelling agency and later signed with the world-famous Storm Agency.

Hayley built her career primarily in television advertising campaigns, for many big brands and has raised funds for breast cancer research and AIDS awareness.

Amanda Lamb

Born in Portsmouth, Amanda Lamb started her working life as an estate agent before moving into modelling.

In 1994, Amanda took over the role of the Widow through a period of immense change in financial services. She portrayed the living logo through a decade that included nine TV advertising campaigns for Scottish Widows.

After Scottish Widows Amanda went on to present ‘A Place in the Sun’ and ‘Family Super Cooks’.

Deborah Moore

The original Widow, chosen to portray the company’s brand values in the memorable ‘Looking Good’ commercial, was Deborah Moore (daughter of Sir Roger Moore). David Bailey was chosen to direct the launch of the Widow on television in 1986.

Debbie later appeared in the Bond movie ‘Die Another Day’ and the recent BBC series, ‘Sherlock’.

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