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Set in a traditional office this advert featured Amanda Lamb as the Widow. Named ‘The Boardroom’ it relayed the message that ‘our savings, pensions and investments are flexible enough for whatever life deals you’.

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'The Lights’ TV advert showed the Widow walking through an elegant house, highlighting different artefacts which signified Scottish Widows strength, tradition, experience. And emphasises we have a long standing tradition, investing over £23 billion worldwide for the futures of millions of people by looking after amounts large and small.

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Amanda Lamb becomes the new face of Scottish Widows and stars in ‘The Maze’ advert on TV. This advert spoke to those who found it difficult to find their way around the financial maze, offering experience and straightforward advice. ‘If you’re not sure what way to turn…we’ve been finding our way in the financial markets for 180 years’.

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