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Scottish Widows on television

Over the last 28 years Scottish Widows has made 12 advertisements featuring the Scottish Widow. These adverts have made the Widow the most popular icon in the Protection, Pensions and Investment markets.

  • Our advertising has helped ensure that we remain one of the UK’s leading pension and protection providers. Research showed our products were of consistently high quality and people saw us as one of the most trusted Life, Pensions and Investments providers.
  • In 2015, Scottish Widows was the leading pension provider in the UK which consumers would be happy to deal with. *

The re launch of the Scottish Widows in 2014 heralded a new and innovative change to our brand. Amber Martinez brought a fresh and modern look to the traditional Widow, portraying a caring and approachable icon.

*Source: Hall & Partners Brand Tracking Survey 2015.