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Work family Balance – January 2016

Work Family Balance, is our new report from the Scottish Widows Centre for the Modern Family (CMF), exploring the challenges and pressures faced by working families today.

The feeling that the working day is creeping beyond the confines of the traditional nine to five is something that almost everyone will relate to in their working life. Lines between ‘work’ and ‘life’ have become increasingly blurred with a growing expectation to be always ‘switched on’.

In this report we look at the impact of the demands of work on family life. To do this we discover the sacrifices being made – both at home and work – and understand more about the missed moments which may seem trivial but could have a long term impact on the family.

Find out more about what needs to be done to achieve a better work family balance for Britain.

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Some of the key findings from our report are:

Read our full report for our expert panel’s views on the key findings and how to rethink the traditional ways of working towards a better work life balance.


This report is based on both quantitative and qualitative inputs, including a nationally representative YouGov survey of 2,000 adults. The report also benefitted from a further YouGov survey of 500 business leaders across all sizes of employer, interviews and discussions with the Centre for the Modern Family panellists, and a series of focus group sessions.