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Forever Young: The New Landscape of Later-Life Planning – Jan 2015

Forever Young is the final of three reports from the Scottish Widows Centre for the Modern Family (CMF) which examines modern family life in the UK and how it's changed in post-recession Britain.

The average life expectancy in Britain is increasing and it brings challenges in how we prepare for later life. This has generated great discussion at a political level, with implications for taxation, the labour market and retirement planning.

Our latest report hones in on these issues and demonstrates that longer lives and careers are having a huge impact on the UK's ever-changing family unit.

Longer lives means needing a larger amount of money for a longer retirement. This intensifies the financial pressures on families and poses questions about how older generations can both enjoy their later lives, and prepare for any health or lifestyle changes they and their families may face.

Our report found that:

  • 37% of people haven't thought about how they will survive financially in retirement
  • 41% are expecting support from their children in later life
  • 27% of Britons believe new pension freedoms will put people under pressure to use money to help struggling family members

Read our full report to explore the challenges today's families face in becoming better prepared for later life.


This report is based on both quantitative and qualitative inputs, including a YouGov survey of 2,000 adults constituting a representative sample of people across the UK and a series of focus group sessions also conducted by YouGov. These inputs were subsequently analysed and debated by the Modern Family panellists in both group discussion and individual interviews.

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