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Joanne and Matthew, London

Joanne and Matthew

“If we have spare cash at the end of the month we’d just leave it, and have a bit more the next month.” - Joanne

Joanne and Matthew, both in their late 40s, are from London and have two children, Joseph (17) and Hannah (12). Joanne is a respiratory nurse in the NHS and Matthew is an electrician. Both Joseph and Hannah are in full time education.

The family values spending quality time together. When it comes to money, Joanne and Matthew try to lead by example and teach their children to be careful spenders. They are quite cautious and value the importance of saving.

Joanne and Matthew are financially stable and are in no debt. As a family, they save for multiple goals at a time, using different ‘pots’ in the bank. In the next few years they hope to pay the mortgage off and hopefully have a bit more leftover to invest.

They help out Joanne’s mother in practical ways as she is retired. They also used to support Matthew’s grandmother with her finances before she passed away.

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