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Jon and Emma, Suffolk

Jon and Emma

“The children may need to look after us [in the future] so it’s best to keep things open and clear.” - Emma

Jon, 52, and Emma, 47, live in Suffolk with their two children, Charlotte, 19 and Ben, 17. Jon teaches ICT in a secondary school and Emma is a primary school teacher. Charlotte is at university and Ben is doing his A Levels.

The family is financially stable; Jon and Emma have invested in another property which they rent out, for extra income. They are very controlled with money and stick to budgets, roughly saving one of their salaries a month, leaving one to live on. They also saved each month for their two children since they were born, so they now have a house deposit each.

They invest any spare cash in shares or premium bonds where they’d get return on it. They are saving for their retirement and hope to travel and spend more time in the garden.

They are a very close family and value honesty and openness – regularly discussing their finances with their children. They think it’s best to keep things open and clear so their children know how to support them in old age; an attitude instilled in Emma from her own parents.

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