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Jessica and Richard, Yorkshire

Jessica and Richard

“If I have spare cash at the end of the month, I’ll spend it on spoiling Lily.” – Richard

Jessica and Richard are from Yorkshire and live above the pub they run together, with their two year old daughter Lily.  Both in their early 30s, they are financially secure at the moment but find the future a little bit worrying.

The most important values to their family are to be supportive and understanding towards one another, highlighted by the support they get from Richard’s mother, Suzan, who is retired and financially stable.

As they do not earn a yearly salary anymore, they have to be more sensible with their money and find themselves saving more now, whether it’s for their own business, holidays and for Lily’s education.
In five years’ time, they would like another child and want the pub to be more self-efficient. In the long-term, they hope to expand their business and take on a couple of their own pubs.

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