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Mike and Nikki, Lincolnshire

Mike and Nikki

“We live for the moment and don’t save for the future." - Nikki

Mike and Nikki live in Lincolnshire with their three children, Alicia (18), Tyler (14) and Melissa (12). Mike is a patient transport driver and Nikki is self employed as a child minder.

The family aren’t active savers. They prefer to use their money to live in the moment, but never spend more than they can afford. Their aim is to pay off their mortgage, which they hope to achieve in the next seven years.

Mike doesn’t have a pension and has no realistic plan for his retirement. They hope to inherit from Nikki’s parents, who may, however, need to be use the money to pay for their own social care, should they need it.

They worry for their children’s futures, as they think it’s much harder for the younger generations today than it used to be. Their dream is for their kids to be financially secure, and not be in too much debt from university.

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