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Nicola and Paul, Milton Keynes

Nicola and Paul

“We’re going to be stuck in the same rut in ten years’ time.” – Paul

Nicola and Paul live in Milton Keynes with their two teenage children, Tenetia and Rhys. They also look after their grandson, Kayden, on a regular basis. Nicola is disabled and unable to work, and the family helps care for her.

The family lives month-to-month, often having to call on relatives for financial help. Nicola says the financial benefit she receives isn’t enough to cover the bills, and is worried about the knock-on effect that changes to benefits will have on the family in the future. They have very little in savings, and can’t afford to put more than a pound here and there into their savings jar.

Nicola and Paul are very open with their kids about their financial hardship, as they think it’s important for them to know that it’s not easy in the ‘big wide world’. At any rate, it’s often the kids noticing there’s a problem when, for example, the phone is cut off.

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