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John and Joanna, London

John and Joanna

“We never have spare cash at the end of the month.” - John

John and Joanna, both in their early thirties, live in North East London with their three children, Rufus (aged 5), Flynn (4) and Lyra (18 months). John works in marketing for a financial company and Joanne is a stay at home mum. They enjoy spending time doing activities such as dancing and cycling, and they love to socialise.

They say they prefer spending to saving, and admit they have been irresponsible with money in the past. While they are not worried about their student loans or mortgage, their credit card debt does make them slightly anxious. Joanne says she saw her student loan as free money, but doesn’t want her children to grow up with the same attitude. She says she wants her children to be aware of money from a young age, and will be open with them about it herself as schools do not do a good job of offering financial education.

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