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Zaheer and Mariam, Greater Manchester

Zaheer and Mariam
“I wouldn’t say I account for every penny but I know where most of the pennies are going.” - Zaheer

Zaheer and Mariam live in Greater Manchester with Rayyaan, their new-born baby. Both in their early 30s, Zaheer is a tax inspector and Mariam is a primary school teacher.

They’re a financially savvy family, well aware of the importance of planning for the future as they start their family.

Due to religious beliefs, they don’t earn interest on their savings, so putting spare cash into a savings account doesn’t appeal to them. Instead, they prefer to channel any money left over at the end of the month back into paying off their mortgage.

Zaheer has the added responsibility of providing financial support for his parents, due to his father’s ill health. He’s happy to do this – he sees it as a traditional role for a son to do – but hopes to save enough for his own retirement so that he doesn’t need to rely on his children.

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