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Nigel's story

Deferring my pension - Nigel's story

65 years old

Nigel has reached his State Pension age but is still working as a pub landlord. Having looked at the income his pension would provide, he doesn't feel that retiring now would give him enough to maintain his current lifestyle. He hopes that in a few years’ time his pension savings might generate a more comfortable income. It is important Nigel makes sure that by deferring taking his pension he doesn't lose any guarantees that might apply only at his selected retirement date.

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Nigel has a . He wants to enjoy his retirement and would like his pot to hopefully generate a more comfortable income.

As Nigel enjoys his job as a pub landlord he’s happy to .

He’ll continue to put Then when Nigel does retire he could potentially get an annuity income of around AMOUNT per month after taking his 25% tax-free cash lump sum.

Nigel’s figures

His current pension pot

If Nigel retired today he’d receive around:

Tax-free lump sum
Total income per month

His pot’s value after YEARS

His tax-free lump sum after YEARS

Nigel’s potential monthly annuity income after PENSION_START

Nigel is also entitled to the new State Pension of
£155.65 per week.

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For a more detailed estimate of your monthly retirement income, based on your circumstances, please visit:

Money Advice Service Pension Calculator

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