Using the internet securely

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Simple measures to stay secure

  • Use anti-virus software from a reliable provider and ensure it is regularly updated.
  • Ensure you have a firewall installed, these are now standard on all modern operating systems
  • Make sure you update all the security patches for your computer’s operating system, and that the applications you use are also kept up to date
  • Ensure that you are using a secure website when submitting credit card or bank account details online. The web address should begin https:// and not http: and a golden padlock will generally appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen
  • Check your credit card and bank statements every month and report any suspicious activity.
  • Order credit reports on yourself yearly and review them carefully. A credit report will cost you £2 and can be obtained from the following credit reference agencies:

Further information

If you would like further information on how to use the internet securely, you can obtain free, expert advice at Users of Scottish Widows Bank Internet Banking can find more specific information at our internet banking security information pages.