3 Year Fixed Term Pension Fund Deposit Account

An interest rate fixed for 3 years

The Scottish Widows Bank 3 Year Fixed Term Pension Fund Deposit Account is ideal if you want to earn a fixed rate of interest on the cash element of a pension fund and don’t need access to it for the next three years.

  • Interest will be paid monthly, quarterly or annually to either another Scottish Widows Bank deposit account or an external bank account held in your organisation's name.
  • Minimum deposit of £10,000 maximum £5,000,000.
  • Available to new and existing Scottish Widows Bank customers.
  • Accounts available in issues for limited periods of time at interest rate determined before each issue.
  • No partial withdrawals allowed, and you can't close the account before the maturity date.
  • Postal applications only – to secure the interest rate you’re applying for we’ll need to receive your application before the start date.

  See our interest rate page for details of current issue and rates.