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Women and Pensions Reports

Women and Retirement Report 2014

How do women in Britain approach financial planning, saving for the future and planning for retirement? That’s the question our Women and Retirement Report seeks to answer. We take an in-depth look at women’s current attitudes towards planning and saving for the future. The good news is that 50% of British women are now saving adequately for retirement, 10% higher than last year.

While more women are saving enough for retirement, the report highlights:

  • women typically save £206 a month compared to men who save an average of £298 a month for retirement
  • there’s still an awareness gap - only 15 % of women say they fully understand pensions and only 7% of women say they are confident in their knowledge of annuities
  • the average age that most women would want to retire is 62 years old but they don’t expect to be able to afford to retire until they’re 65.
Women and Retirement Report 2014

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