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Scottish Widows Protection Report 2014

As a nation, we have a tendency to only start engaging with our financial matters when we own property. So where does that leave people who live in rented accommodation?

With a series of reports on Britain’s approach to protection we are taking a closer look at different sections of society. Our latest report takes a look at protection for people who are private tenants.

The report highlights that private tenants are much less likely than mortgage holders to own any kind of protection. In fact, they are less likely to even be aware that many forms of protection even exist.

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Only 7% of private tenants have any kind of financial protection, compared with 28% of those with a mortgage
  • 31% of private tenants said their savings would last just three months at the most to pay household bills
  • 22% of private tenants do not have a current account.

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