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Scottish Widows Protection Report 2013

UK Protection Report 2013

Planning for the unexpected is important. Any one of us could fall ill, suffer a serious accident or experience bereavement, which can have financial implications.

We recently surveyed over 5,000 UK adults for the Scottish Widows UK Protection Report 2013. We explored their attitudes and behaviour towards protection to try to understand why they’re not protecting themselves, and how realistic their financial plans for the future are.

These are just some of our key findings:

  • Only 37% of people surveyed have life insurance
  • Only 9% have critical illness cover
  • Only 5% have income protection
  • 43% of households are reliant on two or more incomes
  • 57% of people would only be protected for up to six months or not at all should they lose their main household income as a result of long term illness or incapacity
  • Many people think that they can rely on their savings if the worst were to happen. However 54% of people surveyed either have less than £2,500 in savings, don’t have any at all or don’t know how much they have
  • 28% of people would rely on state benefits if they or their partner were unable to work for six months or longer.

Research carried out by independent research agency YouGov.

For more insight into the report findings, download the infographics.

Scottish Widows Protection for Life could help give you and your family the security needed to maintain the lifestyle you’re used to should the worst happen.

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