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Scottish Widows Protection Report 2015

Mortgage Report – Before and after the Mortgage Market Review

The Mortgage Market Review (MMR) has changed the house buying landscape. Greater scrutiny over lifestyle and expenditure means a new generation of homeowners are far more aware of the way they spend their money.

State and Welfare Infographic

With the introduction of MMR our report found that people are struggling to get a mortgage due to affordability. As a result people’s financial priorities are changing and fewer people view owning a property as essential, while our communication networks are now so crucial that we place broadband access and owning a mobile phone above owning a car and paying off debt.

The report showed that:

  • 80% of people regard broadband access as essential in their lives, in comparison to 56% of people who believe owing their own property is essential
  • 48% of people believe their household would be able to cope with the loss of an income due to their or their partners death
  • 39% of people feel that financial protection for their dependents on death is essential, however this has dropped from 53% in 2010.

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